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between art and craft

My boots are arts and crafts. They are handmade, according to the laws of traditional shoemaking. And designed by my imatination. My heart gos out to designing as well as to making boots. I am not just a manual shoemaker, a designer or an artist. My boots originate from a combination of these three. With my hands, together with my imagination and my passion, I make my wonderboots.


When designing I let my imagination go free and then there's no stopping it. The boot as a work of art will appear. The portability of the boot is subordinate to its appearance. Not bothered by practical matters like comfort and weather protection, I can work with materials as fabric, lace, plastic or latex. I make extremely high heels and platform shoes and I use unusual ways to close a boot. Anything is possible.


On most of my boots it is possible to walk. But the one who wears them has to decide how comfortable it feels. Because sometomes my boots are about other feelings than comfort!

Free as a bird

My ideas come unexpectedly, it is a bit elusive. Struck by lightning, that's the best way to put it. And once i've got this image of a new boot in my head, I can think of nothing else! Making a drawing of it is hardly necessary, my mind has got a clear picture of the boot.


Cleaning out my wardrobe, I found an old corset and decided to make boots from it. I dream about a jigsaw puzzle that, put together, forms a pair of boots and I make them. On and on it goes. My hands would love to make all the designs I have in my mind.

As a designer I feel free as a bird. I search for shapes and colours to form the image I have in mind. Whether I have reached my goal, I won't know before the boot is finished. As soon as I pull the last out of the boot, always an exciting moment, I am struck by all kinds of emotions. My own boots can knock me of my feet, make me dance with joy, give me an adrenaline boost or give me the creeps. But everytime I am amazed again about such a special object; a Wonderboot.